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When playing games we sometimes need to keep track of our score.
This App is very useful and makes it is so "easy and fast" to calculate all your points.

Do you know the 10000 dice game?
If so, you know how it can be frustrating to calculate all your points...

My family and friends who are using this App, keeps telling me how much they love it.
Don't wait and try will enjoy this App!

Youtube video Demo

Up to 4 players.
-Enter each player names.
-Enter your score in the score field and press the "Save Score" button.
To subtract some points, add the minus sign before your points. 
Example: -350

-This App also keeps track of the last score you entered, this way you will know if you entered it or not.
-When the game is over, you can reset the score only or all the players data (name & score).
-You can reset individual players data or reset all players data all at once.

This App will keep the score in memory if you reboot your iPhone or iPad.

Available on the App Store 

Thank you!